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Sunday, July 10, 2005
  Part Four

This old guy on the street the other day, wearing a pretty nice fitting grey suit, stopped me and asked me if I felt safe in the world. It was an interesting enough question, and I was going to be late anyway, so I hung around for a few minutes and spoke to him. I refused the chunky little book he tried to press into my hand, and told him that I didn't think anyone was really safe in the world, and then said my goodbyes and moved on. He called after me that one day I'd have to ask for protection, but he didn't say it in a mean way - it was kind of like friendly advice, like he was smiling as he said it.

The door of their building was permanently locked, and you had to be buzzed through, which I thought was pretty fucking over the top considering they were just a regular recruitment agency. Nothing special going on here. A girl in one of those cutely tight-woven wool sweaters that looks really good on a curvy figure was sitting behind the reception desk, and she gave me an effortful smile as she called up a couple of floors to let them know I'd arrived. She pointed me over to a sitting area and mentioned something about coffee, but when I looked closer the machine needed coins, which struck me as kind of cheap. I thought she was finished with me, but out of nowhere, as my back was to her, she spoke up; 'Jenks, thats a funny name', and I gave her my best grin because I was still thinking about her sweater, and told her my mom was a little crazy and had given me her own mom's maiden name as my first name. 'Could've been worse' I joked, just as she cut me off and told me I could go up to the fourth floor.
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