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Friday, March 18, 2005
  A disappointingly mean-spirited discussion piece on The Last Temptation of Christ at the channel four website.

The writer seems unable to concede that the ten thousand complaints that were received after the first broadcast of the film were totally nonsensical, and so instead, what people were really complaining about was that the portrayal of Jesus was incomplete. This just doesn't wash, and smacks of apologia. One of contemporary Christianity's greatest problems is the inability of most of its adherents to allow themselves to contemplate the humanity of Jesus; yet how can God have been made incarnate as 'man' if that man was never prey to desire and temptation? Could the sacrifice of a man who never placed any value on his life really have been enough to secure salvation for the world, or rather, as Kazanzakis and Scorsese suggest, is it in the agonising moments between 'Father, why have you forsaken me' and 'It is accomplished' that the real enormity of Christ's sacrifice is to be found? 


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