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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
  More than most I'm aware that other people's dreams are incredibly boring; that being said, I'm going to tell you about one I had last night, just because I can't think of anything else to write about at the moment.

I was in a small appartment, living with some pregnant girl, though the baby wasn't mine, but that of a friend, now deceased. Various weird goings on, culminating in the tipping over of a blender full of milk caused the pregnant girl to run away, though in my dreams I am far more intrepid than I think I would be in reality, so I stayed on to investigate. My method of investigation was fairly unorthodox, and involved nailing the head of a toy doll - one of those big almost spherical ones that is rubbery but comes from a doll with a hard plastic body - to the wall. For some reason I was very nervous about talking to the doll's head, and could barely get my words out, but when I did it responded by nodding or shaking. In an effort to further communicate, I nailed the arms of the doll underneath the head on the wall, but it wouldn't answer to this, so I began to punch it repeatedly.

At this point, the doll became the head, arms and torso of an old woman, still stuck fast to the wall, who grabbed hold of me before pushing me back. We began to talk, and she explained that she only wanted to get rid of the girl because apparently, she was full of poo. 
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