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Monday, July 12, 2004
  I wish I knew what I know now

I think the ending of Rushmore is supposed to be uplifting, as Max and the rest of the characters begin to dance in delicate slow-motion to the opening slightly off-key chords of 'Ooh la la' by the faces, but am I the only one who finds this whole scene inexpressibly sad? I had to watch an episode of Futurama when I finished watching it again the other night, just to cheer me up. But then again, my mother always said I was an emotional child. 
The scene is supposed to be uplifting (or atleast to help lighten the mood of the movie as the last 40 minutes or so just spiral downward into depression) and sad at the same time. Sadness for me has 'reminiescent' quality to it. Thus the song. Max appears to be one of those kids 'who knew then what we know now'. And the scene makes me kind of sad because I have my share of regrets from that age. I think most of us do.
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