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Friday, July 16, 2004
  Aaah, I saw Todd Rundgren at the RFH last night. Although some of the beery 40+ natives who wanted a greatest hits show grumbled (and departed early) it was fantastic. What kind of moron goes to a TR show expecting him to trundle obligingly through his back catalogue? Sure it'd be lovely if it happened, but he's never done it before, so as my companion said, 'you just have to surrender'.
Surrender we did, to Todd's revelatory voice. Its never that noticeable on the records, fine to be sure, but just another instrument among the many. Live is another matter. He can sing. (He can dance too, capering happily from side to side like a orange-suited preacher). 
When one guy sitting infront of me shouted 'play us something we fucking know', Todd replied 'no, we have new musical vistas to explore with you' Quite. But he still gave us a sing-along encore. The lounge version of 'Hello it's Me' was nice, but 'Just One Victory' was the clincher. It probably epitomises everything most people hate about 70s pop; its big, brash, complicated, hopefull and preachy. I never sing at concerts, because my voice is rubbish and I'm too self-conscious. This time I did. It was a wonderful moment, the whole audience on their feet singing along; somehow, some day.
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