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Tuesday, June 08, 2004
  Following on from something Scott mentioned in the comments below, I started to wonder about the question of 'great' British players. Just how many are there? You can take it even further, how many 'great' players of any nationality have played in one of the British leagues? I can't think of many.

Controversial, but I'd say the best player ever to grace a pitch in British football is Mr. Dennis Bergkamp. You can keep your Charltons, your Laws, your huddled Worthingtons... I hope you kept the receipt for that Ardilles.

Seriously though, I think British football is massively over-rated, and one of the main reasons a light-weight like George Best is venerated so ludicrously by everyone from Michael Parkinson to your mum, is that we just don't have that many great players to offer. The cupboard is pretty bare. We're footballing minnows, grunts who value effort over technique and always have.


That ultimate England team program the other day. Hoddle criminally wasted? What about Le Tissier. The great travesty of English football in the 1990s was the succession of English managers who refused to accomodate his skills in the England team. We went for effort, energy getting round the pitch, players who put their stint in defending. And what the fuck did we win. 
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