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Monday, May 10, 2004

My favourite things, yesterday:
Kate bush - the big sky - BEST SONG EVER
Big pun - capital punishment - oooh HOTTNESS
Tom waits - rain dogs - haunted, erotic, dank, drunk

Yesterday I spent 4 hours on the train, going to southampton and back. It was beautiful. I was listening to a tape of songs about england and I was staring at england out the window. I saw a lot of interesting things. I wanted to make a list, heronbone-style, but I didn't have a notebook. Some of the things I remember, are:
1. a burnt-out, upside-down car in a field
2. 3 pheasants standing still in the middle of a small wood
3. a large white house on a river with a private jetty at the end of its garden
4. a row of tiny terraced houses with very long, thin gardens stretching all the way back to the railway. The gardens were full of tall trees, so the houses were in a deep green shade in the middle of the afternoon, and covered in pine cones. The gardens were all empty (it was quite cold)
5. a series of stations in north hampshire where the station name-signs were blank. I think two of the places were hook and fleet. They just had blank white signs with the SWT logo on. Spooky huh? Like we were at war.
6. a little reservoir in the middle of nowhere with red and white life-rings around its edge.
7. a pub called The Claremont which didn't appear to have any windows
8. a motorway. Lines of red dots moving away from me, and lines of white dots moving towards me.

Jesus I suck at this observational stuff. Best leave it to the professionals.

Can I just say: bigup somedisco, legend. I read scott every day, almost like a news ticker. Thinking about it he's actually probably my main news source. Crumbs! 
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