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Friday, March 26, 2004

speaking of jamie cullum's version of 'frontin'', i can't hate, he may be awful (i haven't heard his own stuff, i'm sure it's crap), but i don't particularly mind it, it's actually quite sweet i think, his version works, it's an imagining of the song that has validity, i think it is as vivid in its own way as pharrell's was. this is a trend i wholly approve of: pop stars covering 'cool' songs. much better than 'cool' bands covering pop songs. cf:
will young doing 'hey ya!' - great
lemar doing 'i believe in a thing called love' - wonderful
someone else doing something else, i forget

all much beter than the dreadful:
vines doing 'ms.jackson' - so WRONG!
lostprophets doing oh fuck i forget, it was some huge huge r'n'b hit, they murdered it
snow patrol doing 'crazy in love' - i am not making this up, i haven't experienced this myself but i am told it exists. muppets!
(altho thinking about it, the elbow version of 'independent women part 1' wasn't bad, was it?)

well there you go, something to think about. isn't usher - 'yeah!' great? and britney 'toxic'? and jamelia 'thank you'? and beenie man 'dude'? and twista/kanye 'slow jamz'? and will young 'your game'? good couple of weeks for pop singles. (kylie 'red blooded woman,' awful though, just stop it.)

recently i bought the girls aloud album (a bit last year, i know.) on first few listens the songs don't sound as thrilling as they have done before. thinking about it i've almost always heard these songs on tv before, i don't think i've heard them on the radio or out and about much. anyway i got to thinking, maybe, these songs actually do sound better on television, i mean they are actually supposed to. it is a very compressed, tinny sound, very celophane or whatever. there have been saturday mornings when i've been watching cd:uk (one occasion when they performed 'no good advice' stands out in particular) when i have been very blown away by how exciting these songs were. listening to it on our very top-notch speakers, hmmm, not so much. i am happy about this, i approve of music that sounds best on tv, or on crappy radios, or on supermarket tannoys.
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