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Monday, January 12, 2004
  Watching Texas Teenage Virgins tonight, I was struck by two grotesque absurdities. Firstly the sheer shitty hubris of thinking that if an omnipotent God did exist, he would spend your wedding night with his legions of cherubim and seraphim cheering you on as you finally got round to sticking your cock in your new wife.

Then, even more infuriating, is the fact that a vital duty of care is being neglected in order to give the impression that a new moral order has been established, with the dusty bowl of texas as the Garden of Eden. While educators and religious figures congratulate themselves on the sale of cheap non-precious metal pledge-rings, the children of Lubbock Texas get each other pregnant, infect each other with STDs and fuck each other up the arse, safe in the knowledge that anything is better than putting the penile key in the vaginal door to hell.

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