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Monday, January 05, 2004
  poor celebrities
my prediction for 2004: (or later) - it really is about time we started feeling a bit sorrier for some of these poor people. i mean it - surely people can only revel in any individual's misery + frustration + failure for so long? making fun of britney just can't go on being gratifying for much longer can it? (would like to point out that personally i have *never* made fun of britney, harrumph)
- for instance: her marriage. the commentary i've seen so far seems to be along the lines of 'her career is over,' 'she's lost it,' 'tragic drunk britney' etc. please! this is a fantastic and hilarious story. she should be proud of herself - getting pissed and marrying your mate in vegas, then getting divorced immediately. i mean that is a world-beating story to tell your friends in the pub right there. most people could trade off that for years. and i think most people will feel the same - and hopefully lay off her for a bit.

same goes for, y'know, j-lo and the like. poor j-lo - all she wants to do is marry ben and just get on with shit! posh & becks - they're very sweet, surely some people must want them to keep on being a happy family and not have it all fall apart. i dunno - just have a feeling that the last x years of hyper-detailed 24/7 dissection of celebrities' personal lives might at some point take into account the fact that, actually, some people are kinda rooting for these guys!

or - the bleak alternative: britney crashes and burns in a spectacular scandal-laden fashion. justin & xtina get together and have a huge worldwide no.1 smash paying tribute to their dead friend and colleague.

one day someone (me) will write a huge sprawling mess of a biopic/musical charting the 3 interconnected paths of these mickey mouse club mascots: from pre-teen tv exposure in the 90s thru superstardom in the 00s and to who knows what thereafter: this story contains tragedy, ecstasy, sold-out arenas, blood, sweat and tears, naturally there will be extensive opportunities for cred-dy character actors with weird faces to play besuited + sinister marketing fiends THE REAL STARS OF COURSE nyer. truly this will be the story of our times - i'll wait till we can see how it's all going to end (give it 30 years or so) and then i'll get started. 
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