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Thursday, January 08, 2004

standing alone on pentonville road, waiting for a bus, late night. there are some weirdos round king's cross you know. it wasn't raining at the time but when i picture it now, it is. sunshine in my earphones, a blazing round red sun in the night sky /// waiting for the 277 on that avenue that runs through victoria park. down to mile end. on to the 25, into the city. this time it really was raining, bucketing down. packed damp buses, steam rising off people. nowhere near summer in the bronx. /// i was listening to lots of songs on both these occasions but somehow it feels like i was listening to 'real love' the whole time. crystal clear pianos ringing in my ears - something childlike about the enthusiasm but ineffably cool - stately - at the same time - rich and satisfying and light and ethereal all at the same time. just thinking about it makes me happy 
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