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Saturday, December 06, 2003
  The world is collapsing around our ears

Inevitably I found myself in agreement with much of what was said here, though I confess, I am still trying to work out why I enjoyed Fame Academy more than I thought I would, yet loathe Pop Idol, and pray for the messy destruction of all involved. Perhaps it is a base prejudice against ITV; perhaps the brazen hackery of it all is so much more starkly revealed on the seamless gleaming icy blue Pop Idol stage.

In the past, I have often found within myself a grudging admiration for ruthless people; the way in which Bill Gates dominates virtually every non-geek computer in the known world being one such example. However, I can find no such charity towards Simon Cowell, and the only reason I can think of for this is that for once I actually care about the subject being debased. Every time Cowell persuades Westlife into yet another Manilow or Bee Gees cover, it is guaranteed that the rolling vomitous wave of Oirish accents will accost me whenever I have the misfortune to be near a radio for at least the next month.

It will be the same with the bloodless (oh for it to become bloody by some stroke of fate) Lennon cover. What price the gunning down of Messrs. Cowell, Waterman and Fuller outside whichever cheekily expensive London restaurant they convene at to blight the mid-length radio spectrum? And does this count as incitement? 
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