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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

will young! just 12 months ago his first album was used to force some of us to get up after a party. horrible. but i guess i was kinda disposed to like him, he's a very nice guy and all so sweet and everything. nice guys win yeah! the video really made this for me: how to use low budget to maximum effect. will's brand of intensity is much more appealing (more human?) than eg bedingfield histrionics. just him staring at a camera - being told to be quiet by the people we can't hear. there is some CLEVER IRONY at play there i'd wager. also obviously this song has the best middle 8 of the year, this is absolutely key, it's great. i like the way the climax is predicted in the first chorus: all that happens each time is the tempo picks up ever so slightly and they add another layer of high-class schmaltz to the arrangement. i haven't heard much said about the new will young stuff - i think NYLPM liked this though. everyone should: it's like brilliant dinner party music for real people. the album has some great stuff on it too, it reminds me of wham! in places.


loved this from the moment it started, it feels familiar and incredibly friendly: every component of every sound in this song is just lovely. sometimes this year i've thought this is the most beautiful sound ever heard - that would make sense because the sound is there to tell the story of the perfect longing: memory of massive happiness existing at exactly the same point as the fall into despair - there is hope of redemption though and maybe this is what gives the whole thing this wonderful buoyant uplifting quality? this song is really an alien thing: it took a while before i felt how strange it really was. it's so poised and so graceful...hardly there at all. ultra-futuristic: you can see all the joins and hear all the workings-out and all this transparency does is reinforce the beautiful simplicity of it all. superhuman restraint is involved: the pace builds so tantalizingly slowly, until the only thing that makes your realize the climax is a quiet, redemptive little piece of guitar that echoes the synth line at the end. and the female vocals of course - the disembodied answer to the poor narrator's longing. you suspect the woman singing here is not the same character he's singing to - rather she is some kind of perfected Female, or even a female voice from within himself perhaps. this isn't a song that demands an answer "not a lot to say now, except i miss you" the self-indulgence is so gorgeous, like slowly sinking into a bath of chocolate. actually the best bit of this song is the piano over the outro, i think it predicts the beta band somehow. not that scritti politti needs the beta band to explain how good they are BUT STILL.
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