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Monday, December 22, 2003

2 and 3, powerful numbers no doubt, 23 = michael jordan's number (beckham's 23 at madrid = 2nd hand numerology, no less vaild though, that's not what i'm saying, it would be great if all great athletes selected 23 as their number, like a secret handshake (it wouldn't be secret but still)), the golden ratio too, 2/3 (i'm sure i read somewhere this works in music as well as architecture and whatnot, how could it work musically? two thirds of what?), in maths, it's special. ask bill drummond he knows all about that shit. oh yeah, don't forget 23 SKIDOO!!!

anyway here's to the end of the year 2oo3, and i'm 23, so i should be right in the middle of some powerful stuff! oooh yeah i feel energised, watch out everybody, i'm coming out!!! (*sings*)

--------> happy 2004

not capable of producing a 'proper' list, i just haven't heard enough new music this year, instead here is briefly the 10 songs that have 'meant' the 'most' (to me) since january, and remember folks, please believe, each and every one of these exists in a very special chamber of my heart for all time

don't take the piss, this is the most beautiful music of 2003, nothing else got so close to the knife-edge of mind-erasing euphoria/awareness of mortality, EVERYBODY MOVE YOUR FEET AND FEEL UNITED OH YEAH, this is the sound that escapes from your throat when you try to sing at the apex of your leap in the moshpit, the awareness as you hang in the air that (any second now) you will hit the ground (and then pogo up again of course, but still) - it's the view from the top - it's the tiny corner of your mind (where it all is) that tells you, even at the point in the night from which a return to earth seems most unlikely, that earth is where you'll be tomorrow, and that dance, sex, friendship, love, drugs, some other things, are all only one side of the divide, the side that isn't death, and that everything else is. death that is.
this song makes me so happy i could cry, especially, oh you know this bit, the slight pause before the chorus, everything drops out (your heart, the floor) and those 4 bells chime before it all collapses back into life - that moment there (if i knew anything about music i could describe it properly) is what i'm talking about, it's so true and it's my favourite moment in any music all year...

i'm a bit tired now i might come back later and do some more songs over the next few days phew 
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