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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

2 things that are blowing my mind at the moment

- 1: The Byrds 'Younger Than Yesterday' WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT THE FUCK. WHAT THE FUCK.
- 2: Virginia Astley 'From Gardens Where We Feel Secure' a beautiful artefact, the artwork, the song titles are gorgeous poetry ('with my eyes wide open i'm dreaming,' 'out on the lawn i lie in bed,' 'when the fields were on fire,' 'it's too hot to sleep'), a perfect document of rural english beauty/menace. the first 5 minutes: this is a bit twee isn't it. next 10 minutes. this is beautiful and twee but something's not quite right. end of the album: something terrible is about to happen. fear and loathing. make it stop. honestly an extremely unsettling listening experience. the fact that nothing terrible does happen - there is no climax, sonically - accentuates the thick layer of dread under all the balmy meadow-song and early-morning calm. there's something nasty in the woodshed, no doubt, and it's coming for us. this is the kind of fear i love. a weekend away at the relatives', that perfect country cottage with the servants' staircase at the back of the house, with the OCD garden, butterflies and ladybirds everywhere, the fence at the bottom of the lawn that separates the controlled environment (the lawn, the english garden: nature in order. designed by man.) from the Wild Woods - the weeds, the animals, the dirt and the shadows. the threat that feels everywhere. unEasy listening indeed. 
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