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Saturday, November 08, 2003
  to the Gym three times a week but there’s no feeling like being out on the river - I’d train even if I didn’t have to but I do have to and I’d be letting the guys down if I missed a session. Anyway it keeps me in shape keeps me focussed and alert and I’m working much harder now than I ever have, headhunted by a guy at the gym and it’s all very hush hush but basically I could be raking it in five years from now. You’ve got to have goals you see or you never feel like you’re getting anywhere and that’s what I like most about my job you’ve got fifty guys all competing for the same position at the top all hungry for the money. It’s like gambling only with other people’s money which doesn’t mean it’s not serious it means you’ve got to really push yourself to the limit gotta keep your eye on the ball. Lunchtimes - if I get a lunchbreak - are all about squash for me or maybe a burst on the treadmill on the hardest setting to get the heart-rate up there. Charlie in the afternoons because it’s that edge on your colleagues that makes you the best makes you feel alive I hate looking in the mirror these days but after the pub I come home and strip to the waist and the lights really show my abs. Triceps are the thing that really do it for me though I work hard on my pecs and my biceps because that’s what the girls want even though my girlfriend refuses to do a line off my chest even when it’s shaved she says it’s perverted. She takes all the supplements which means I do too and we’re probably a real dream couple but neither of us want commitment and anyway I don’t want to buy a house until I’m older I’m fucking her sister but she doesn’t know and her sister doesn’t care so long as I give her cash 
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