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Monday, November 24, 2003
  get in!

the pill box is back, oh happy day! very exciting and all good etc. having spent the last few months wandering aimlessly through his archives (trying to find that thing he wrote about the girl on the tube, it was beautiful, and i couldn't find it, is it still there??) seeing fresh new ian penman is stupidly great. "lazy, mad, drug addled, pretentious, unrealistic" indeed

one other quick note, hello, if you're reading this, i think there are a couple of regulars, this place has been very quiet for a while, which is a bit rubbish, especially considering that some people have said some very nice things about it's all in your underwear, and i don't really go in for these self-conscious state-of-the-blogs posts, but i thought i'd just say, especially after matt's lovely tribute to the dedicated isolated blogger, a community of lonely goatherds (the opt-outers), it does all seem a bit rum that we're hardly ever here, on my part at least it's 100% due to a 100% lack of interesting things to say, can't speak for phil or b of course, but anyway, just to let you know, if you're there, that, as ever, it's all love 
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