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Thursday, October 23, 2003
  hong kong central market

is a large 3-storey (above ground level) building where (the guidebooks say) you can find all kinds of livestock, food, cheap stuff. google it and the top results you get are still recommendations to visit. anyway. it’s closed. the building is completely abandoned. boarded up, no signs explaining why. SARS i guess? it was habitually the target of government 'urban clean-up' operations, unsurprising really, it being a bloody great smelly mess of an eyesore slap bang in the middle of the pristine commercial district. maybe the virus was the excuse they’d needed for ages to just shut it down. god knows what they’ll do with the space. walking around it yesterday i found one of the huge metal gates at one of the side entrances was slightly ajar. i poked my head in. rows and rows of falling-down stalls. light coming through the ceiling. drips. puddles. then i saw one man, sitting behind one of the stalls, his feet up on the table, staring at the open doorway i was standing in. i don’t think he was a guard. he was wearing normal clothes. i left.
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