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Monday, September 15, 2003
  heronbone's back, hurrah

but that thing about the regions being rubbish is a bit upsetting, perhaps he's taking the piss, it seems a pretty unhelpful opinion to have! scott nails it, it's not about sales figures or column inches or visibility or impact or influence or things like that, the non-london UK (everywhere that isn't london has something in common with everywhere else that isn't, and something important not-in-common with london) is a psychically different world, Everything Feels Different and this matters so much, i keep thinking of the difference between the way i feel standing on the corner of soho street and oxford street, which is a shrinking feeling, a collapsing feeling, and the way i feel standing ....well ANYWHERE else basically...flashes of country pubs....high streets...commuter villages...motorways...train stations...supermarket car parks

this world is different in important ways: Aldershot...Andover...Farnborough...Portsmouth...Lewes....Eastleigh...Haywards Heath...Swindon....Guildford...Waterlooville
frontier towns; cowboys with no guns; secret societies and hidden passages; old peoples homes in the local newspapers. This is a southern view, I don't know up north at all. I liked the view of Birmingham from the M6 when we drove around it once.

see: Simon Armitage 'Lest We Forget' for a proper articulation of what I'm getting at

'the provinces' are shrinking. we need mnemonics (sp?). Simon Armitage is very good at them. just go and sit in a pub in any of those towns on that list and things will be a bit clearer.

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