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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
  fuck the glitz & glamma

well done that rascal. k-punk and somedisco and people on ILM fretting over what it all will mean. um. i dunno. what is clear though is that it must be easily the most unfriendly/aggressive/un-'assimilable' record ever to have won it. a fat note of jarring discord in the broadsheets, a scratch on the glass coffee tables of the nation! the decision will be assimilated of course - check these dunderheads on the BBC site already putting it down to wilful perversity, the judges trying to stay relevant or be controversial or whatever.

(re: judges decision-making process, who knows, who cares)

what won't be dealt with is the record. of all the instant cliche-narratives that become possible (dizzee becomes Famous, dizzee leaves the Underground, prize means nothing and dizzee goes on as before etc), the more exciting (and likely?) outcome i can see is, this prize will remain an aberration, dizzee is already mainstream enough in his world (simon reynolds' 'alternative mainstream'), the mercury will mean nothing or very little ('being a celebrity don't mean shit to me': dizzee = anti-Beyonce!), and things will carry on much as before. this event is a spike in the timeline, a freak storm, a One Night Only collision of cultural narratives that for 364 days/year have nothing to do with each other. can't even really see there being much interest in 'thinkpieces' in the papers: maybe a few perplexed items. give it 7 days: nothing will be said. back below the radar.

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