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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
  Well thanks Mark not least for doubling the readership of our blog overnight. I'll give more attention to the punk/musicality/aesthetic/politics debate later, but in the meantime I just want to respond to the celebreality/democra-tv idea (neologism is fun)... Anyway, I suppose the subtext of my argument, which I should have made clearer is that we as viewers of these shows engage into a nasty little pact, whereby we accept the creation of a whole new facsimile stardom, which has been willed into being by Cowell, Lythgoe et al for the sole purpose of tapping this bottomless well of Schadenfreude.

We don't think about the graduates of reality tv as stars in the same way we think about people who have emerged via more traditional methods of exposure. We didn't own a piece of Take That, we didn't have any claim on the success of Wham or whoever... It's celebrity doublethink; we pretend that the pop idols and the fame academics are stars in the formal traditional sense, because otherwise the experience of watching them on tv become slightly too illusory, but in the end it is just sleight of thought, legerdebrain.

This is bulk-buy fame, produced only to be entertainingly wasted. 
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