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Monday, August 04, 2003
  welcum 2 tha week

"look at them. the commuters. look at them. they're worker ants aren't they? they're like machines. the rise of the robots. they all look exactly the same. suits, cases, shoes, trousers, spectacles. i of course look completely different. my job allows me to wear trainers. i am at least 20 years different to them. that's a lot of distance. a lot of ground to cover. we have a lot to get thru this morning so let's crack on shall we? highlight the important passages with a highlighter. you just stop thinking and the train goes thru the tunnel and on the other side it's london victoria. when i step down from the train onto the platform it's quite a gap and each time i land i want my mummy. these violent fantasies. grenades detonating in packed carriages. machine gun strafes the concourse. get out of my fucking way. [ed.'s note: not only in 'billy liar' does this fantasy of extreme unwarranted violence against the crowd turn up: see also celine's 'death on the installment plan,' which the author has not read, but has seen referred to in 'slaughterhouse 5,' which he has, and which he likes because, like him, it is built out of 2nd-hand knowledge. also see 'number 9 dream' which pete is reading at the moment and which he is enjoying and in which he noted the point when, in an alienating saturday night crowd of couples and good haircuts [[tokyo = soho]], the hero wishes he had a rocket launcher with which to destroy the passers-by; see also the most famous publically expressed wish to destroy passers by, you know what i mean, nudge, wink]"

(excerpt from forthcoming industry bible 'i kissd your sister on the 7.25' by reginald perrin)

absolutely no time whatsoever. heronbone is righter than right. stop the madness. overstimulation. hypersignificance. actually beyond hyper-, beyond the powers of science to measure. a chaos of signifiers. i told you what the answer is you have to head for the hills. go commune style. opt out. modern life is rubbish you know. no-one's ever gonna agree with you anyway! (not many people anyway.)


in other news this weekend i bought the lumidee single. it didn't get to number 1!i listened to it a thousand times on sunday. someone said her voice is out of tune (the tune being the bass pulse apparently). this person this point-maker has weirdly managed to 'have a point' while at the same time completely missing 'the point'! funny eh?!

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