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Sunday, August 17, 2003
  Josh Blog has a few things to say about my carping on Hulk. I accept that occasionally, The Hulk considers his actions and refrains from indiscriminate harm (to Betty, to his Father), however, whether this is just a brief puncturing of the curtain of rage by Banner's non-Hulk consciousness, or whether it is merely meant to draw us again to the all-powerful ties of family banged on about through the course of the film, I don't really know. I suppose my only problem is that of motivation: the Hulk is propelled through the movie by his reactions to others; the military, his father, Betty Ross... he doesn't really want anything, there's no thought or detail - he's a tool of rage (there we go with the cock jokes again), a bulldozer demolishing digital scenery. It just isn't interesting. It's a facile thing to say I know... but occasionally boredom is the only plea you can make.

As for what the Hulk represents, I didn't necessarily mean that in a cod-psychology way; after all, he blatantly does 'represent' something. What I mean is that he is purposeless; in the grand tradition of hero narratives, they generally want to achieve something other than the saving of their own skin and the slaking of some smash-lust.

A useful comparison I suppose is the character of Wolverine. Both are sketched outside the traditional boundaries of self-less superherodom; they are outsiders (I stand by the Hulk as a big green Littlest Hobo - he just keeps movin' on)... both are dominated by rage (Wolverine's berserk episode in X2 being one of the best fight sequences I've seen in a long time), yet Wolverine is still a conscious figure, still capable of balacing right and wrong. Yeah, its all about moral culpability folks...  
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