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Thursday, August 28, 2003
  house of shaolin lovers

speaking of cowbells and tinnitus (i was, just down there, look!), i hope we are all hearing and enjoying this weird new thing, mark ronson feat. ghostface and nate dogg, 'ohh wee' apparently it's called, kiss are playing it a bit. every time it comes on in the office someone complains because, at office-radio volume levels all you can basically hear is ghostface rabbiting on and this cowbell chiming away, which does not for a productive working atmosphere make. anyway. it's alright too, mid-tempo disco house, mainly interesting for the opportunity it affords to hear tony starks on daytime radio.

but isn't it deliriously wonderful that now, with this, after 'got your money,' and 'gravel pit', wu-tang are in various ways responsible for some of the best hip-house tracks the last few years? how the fuck?! 
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