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Thursday, August 07, 2003
  the good thing about global warming is, we'll be dead before it kills us...
last nite we went to Club Freaky Trigger which was fun....the first part of the evening played like that list of nice 2002 singles down there! later on i enjoyed hearing scooter and wham and the love unlimited orchestra in particular. oh yeah and dizzee of course. we left fairly early (no-one was dancing! and tho yeah normally i'm more than happy to be the only person dancing the dancefloor at the bar last nite had a weird bullring look to it ie you'd basically be dancing in people's faces which makes the whole 'lost in a reverie yes i've got the music in me' aspect of solitary dancing a bit harder to maintain, you know, when you're tripping over people's knees...you get me).

reduced to tears by advertising: (ok this happens fairly often) the new clark shoes advert with the little girl dancing at the wedding. the latest generation of clark's adverts have been all great of course: the kid dancing with the robot. the 'life's a catwalk' one. beautiful in concept and execution, all of them. this new one is interesting: it's a touch more naturalistic, more 'live.' just a girl dancing, no frills. 'yes sir i can boogie.' dancing alone, for the purposes of the advert i guess we're kind of supposed to think it's her perfectly-fitted, ultra-pretty little boots that have compelled her to dance. but obviously no-one believes that's the full story, least of all the advertiser themselves. advert is about music and its power. music and youth in fact. the adults sit at the tables, not dancing of course, they're not even watching her. she is in a different universe. dancing with no partner, no audience, no reason at all apart from the irresistible inner fire she HAS to dance she HAS no choice what could be more wonderful more perfect she is thinking what else can i possibly do but dance except it's not even that understood she has hit the dancefloor and none of this has gone thru her mind she's just there, it's not a thought process it's a compulsion. well i welled up anyway. ok i'm very susceptible to getting emotional where young children are involved but this advert is a beautiful thing and so are the people who made it.


after leaving the bar we broke into lincoln's inn fields, it's remarkably easy you know, i don't know why that place isn't packed with post-pub smokers and layabouts every night, sat under a tree bare-chested and enjoyed the weather. i had a cigarette because i actually do now honestly prefer them to spliff. the multi-nationals have got me. my lungs hate me. smoking weed is not compatible with a successful professional life you know whereas cigarettes are 100% compliant in fact they even give you something to do in your breaks, something to look forward to while you work, an easy way to bond with co-workers have you got a light mate?

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