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Thursday, August 28, 2003
  Gimme sheeeeeltaaaaah

Ok ok, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally late here, and I know this has been picked over here there any everywhere, but it seems to me that a significant point has been missed. Slate article, and its list of crimes committed in the name of Rockism... but if any crime has been committed by either side, is it simply one of labelling?

What Beatles and Radiohead yadda yadda records have in common is that the multiple authors of each work are represented by a name, a logo, which includes them all in the ownership of the song.

While it is clearly foolish to suggest that people like Timberlake, Beyonce etc are just puppets mouthing lyrics provided for them, to tunes they did not write; the difference is in the presentation. 'Justified' is a Justin Timberlake album, his name on the sleeve indicates his ownership and origination of the songs within.

In contrast, bands such as Radiohead or whoever else you care to mention invite us to explicitly see the multiple contributions of band members under the umbrella of the band name.

Clearly this has no impact on the actual value of the material within, but hey, if we never bitched about presentation, we'd have nothing to talk about... 
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