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Tuesday, July 15, 2003
  Where is Pete?

A day passes, a statement is made, and still no explanation. If you could draw the modern mind, it would look like the internet; webs of connections sprouting more connections, infinite but whole.

Before the internet, the London Underground map was the closest thing we had. Perhaps it was the most accurate depiction, and what it describes has changed. Can we put a date on this? When did the mind stop being confined by Ealing Broadway and Stratford? For certain, the Underground map no longer holds quite the same mystic power it used to represent.

Sometimes you can still touch the past. Drunk on the Strand and you can sense something following you. The old Strand station, abandoned; the Moondial. Sundials, like the tube map, are often mistaken for having been purely functional items. This of course ignores their more important mystical purpose.

We lost him between the Strand and Temple. "You should have known I would be in my father's house". 
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