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Monday, June 23, 2003

I told ya, I'm keeping an open mind. It might be really good! Still, these quotes from some promo interviews he's done for the series do not inspire!

Mr Yentob also visited New York and Los Angeles while making the film, which he described as "tracing the roots of an exhilarating but unsettling youth phenomenon that turns over billions of dollars a year". Source: what is this, a frickin' thesis? gimme a break, i don't remember where i got it!

ok ok i dunno the word 'unsettling' is a bit unsettling in there, but at least it's twinned with 'exhilarating' so maybe it's not all bad.

He admitted that he was a fan of "some rap music", including Eminem's recent hit Cleaning Out My Closet, partly through picking up on the music his son listens to.

d'oh why did he have to choose that it's like the lamest Eminem single ever! ok, cheap shot, making fun of old people's music taste, fish, barrel etc.

"I don't want to seem like some trendy dad. I look for the soul in rap," Mr Yentob said

right i'm guessing that's why he listens to Common, what the fuck?! i refer the honourable gent. to the words of one Mr.G.Killah, early in 2002: "All Ghost is soul." Indeed. interview Ghost, he's got soul Alan!

"But there are still concerns about rap music, about the language and violence."

ok, violence isn't good, let's all agree ("stop the violence" is what, 1986???) but language? interested to see what he means here. surely not 'swearing?' as in, the teacher at simon armitage's school: "this school does not like poems with language in them." complaining about bad language in rap seems like just a little bit of a missed point, but still.

A nation holds its breath, must remember to watch it whilst packing for Glastonbury!!!

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