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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Yo it's quiet in here. Post some rubbish up y'all, do it for your soul! Not that I have anything very interesting to say, I don't know, let's see what's swilling around in the cess-pit of my sleep-deprived and class A-befuddled mind (seriously, my short term memory blackouts are starting to worry me, and WHO KNOWS WHAT UNTOLD LONG-TERM DAMAGE is being wrought inside my feeble head, oh please Lawdy make it stop) and what comes out is something like

- Big Brother slash Interactive TV slash Reality TV slash Docusoap TV slash Social Experiment TV it's like it's US up on the SCREEN right there, our lives in red green and blue, the people, us, them, we're all the same you see and WHAT'S MORE you can control what happens by sending us ( I mean them) a text or some such, you choose your popstars this way, and in this way by sitting at home and WATCHING ie CONSUMING your life can be represented on the SCREEN also, you see if we have more of a stake in what we are consuming it is more compelling to us also we are happier with ourselves because we are not PASSIVE but in fact ACTIVE nay ESSENTIAL TO THE SUCCESS OF THAT WHICH we consume. Yah furthermore I will be brief y'dig we are ALL THE SAME arn't we yes yes you see those people right there they are the same as us you know and we are actually all the same you know and in this medium the universal the everywhere-seen the far-seeing television we are getting closer and closer and the gap between what WE DO AND WE LIVE and what we SEE AND CONSUME is shrinking and shrinking and you know really what is the difference really anyway I mean those people on the TV i feel like i know them you know yes and what matters is that when it is like this the impulse to consume is so much better regulated and in my own hands yes i am in charge i am in control i press the button i send the text i vote her out i vote him in i win i win i hate him i hate him i hate him flick flick flick flick flick flick flick EVERYONE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD ACTUALLY WELL THAT BIT OF THE WORLD THAT MATTERS THE BIT WHERE PEOPLE ARE LIKE ME is doing exactly the same thing we're all doing the same thing we're all the same it's wonderful i feel so connected and so close to everyone it's warm in here i love it i love it i love

- right. prob shouldn't drink coffee in the mornings, i clearly can't handle it

- um. here's an idea. i recently made a tape for someone (Jake) so why don't i post up the tracklisting it might be interesting to you i know i always like looking at mix tapes. in fact maybe you are familiar with The Art Of The Mix which is a place where people put up the tracklists of mixes they have made it's always good for a gander. maybe we could do that here, every time you make a tape or a cd for yourself or anyone else just write up the list here, that would be cool. in fact you don'\t even have to make it, just post imaginary tracklists. i spend enough time making tapes in my head anyway why not stick em up right here eh? good stuff. anyway here it is it doesn't have a name:


1 - Outkast - Hootie Hoo
2 - Jay-Z feat. UGK - Big Pimpin'
3 - 50 Cent - In Da Club
4 - Dr.Dre feat. The Lady Of Rage, Kurupt & RBX - Lyrical Gangbang
5 - KRS-ONE - MCs Act Like They Don't Know
6 - Wu-Tang Clan - Rules
7 - Ghostface Killah - One
8 - The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Eminem - Dead Wrong
9 - Scienz Of Life feat. MF Doom - Yikes!
10 - Tweet - Call Me
11 - Aaliyah - I Care 4 U


1 - The Slits - Heard It Through The Grapevine
2 - Gang Of Four - Ether
3 - Gary Numan & Tubeway Army - Are 'Friends' Electric?
4 - P.i.L. - Flowers Of Romance
5 - Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays
6 - The Rapture - House Of Jealous Lovers
7 - Metro Area - Dance Reaction
8 - Dexy's Midnight Runners - Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire It Doesn't Apply
9 - The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Giant Bones
10 - Roxy Music - If There Is Something
11 - The Clash - Rebel Waltz .... (eagle-eyed viewers will note this song's previous appearance on this blog!)
12 - Beach Boys - I Went To Sleep

And there you go. See it's always interesting to see other people's tapes so keep it coming. if you don't i will and i'm making more in the next few weeks so keep 'em peeled.

- Finally here are a couple of links to blogs of fairly regularly mind-blowing brain-warping brilliance and fascination seriously folks it's all good. The first is by Simon Reynolds and is called Blissblog and the most recent post is a deeply brilliant and entertaining index of the hipness quotient of various bands artists scenes genres etc as voted for by sundry luminaries of the world of hip music journalism. NOTA BENE that a lot of the stuff on my tape falls into the 'irredeemably unhip' or 'passe and middlebow' categories haha I lose I lose I lose!

- The other is worth reading every single fucking day this man is gifted and on it he is called Ian Penman his blog is called THE PILL BOX go and read it now it owns you. Thankyou deeply and goodnight.
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