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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Soho (work) --> (bus) Euston (football) --> (car, 80s r'n'b) Elephant & Castle (dropped off) --> (tube) Clapham North (lost fone) --> (walk, bus) Clapham Common (dinner) --> (tube, walk) Elephant again (retrieve fone) --> (walk, tube, walk) Brixton (bed).

Walking thru Elephant around midnight, it was pretty quiet. Some huge tower blocks, monolithic (is that a loaded word? what value judgements am I implying in the word monolithic? does it attribute certain attributes to the people who live there?). What is my instant, instinctive reaction to seeing these things? Heart sinks. Imagine living there. (someone long time ago said they thought tower blocks looked 'soul-destroying.' Have always, obviously, easily, resisted, hated that reaction. I Love Tower Blocks. I love the way they look. Is this really an aesthetic reaction (do i like the way they look?) or is it a socio-economic judgement manifested as aesthetic? what is the difference? is there one?) (brackets out of control now). (must seek out: Up They Rise, Jon Savage on/with Jamie Reid, tower blocks as image, the modernist grid, the simplest representation of any system, lines crossing. Does the shape of the building you live in influence the way you see the world? of course it does. what about the view from your window?) (also note to self, Jamie Reid! designs 'Jamie Reid's Magic Room' in the Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton. must-see. Jamie and Magic. (and his magic torch! 2nd time i've seen words Jamie + Magic linked. there is some kind of link isn't there? similar shape. is there?))))) ie how have tower blocks shaped/created the environment they exist in.

Anyway, the point was...why do I look at the blocks and something inside me is afraid. Don't I love the blocks? I am not like the people who live there. We would not be friends. I like the image; i fear the implication. The middle-class gaze, haha, nervous relative of the male gaze.

I'm fizzling out. Just thinking aloud, y'know.

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