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Monday, June 16, 2003

Wasn't it just? Marvellous. Friday night drinks in Brixton + Clapham, walking down the street with bags full of beer. Important tunes = Heard It Through The Grapevine, as ever, also House Of Jealous Lovers (DFA remix!) and of course Bodyrock as is compulsory in Toby's house. Altogther now...doo doo de doo de doo, doo doo de doo de doo....

Then a barbecue on Sat pm I MEAN ARE THEY TAKING THE PISS HOW FUCKING HOT WAS IT???? excellent, Illmatic and white russians in the back garden, it's all about the fake bling yo. (More beer had been carried in bags)

Carried beer in bags to the party in Camden, good, good party, too much music of note to note. Matters arising:

- Destiny's Child vs. Roots Manuva (Me: Destiny's Child! Obviously)
- Lou Reed vs. Fawlty Towers (Everyone: Fawlty Towers)
- Father Ted vs. Sugababes (I might have imagined this one. Anyway I'm pretty sure the correct answer is Sugababes!)
- The Kinks vs. Michael Jackson (Brendan: Michael Jackson)
- The Beatles vs. Monty Python (Tom's inspired dilemma, and impossible to solve)
- and best of all
- Big Brother vs. Real Life (all agreed on Big Brother. Best reason = Tom: 'Big Brother because it's edited.')

And then last night had a mini kickaround and watched Die Another Day on a big screen on Clapham Common. It was like a mini-festival, mini-Glastonbury warm-up vibe. Also, brilliantly, this is pretty obviously the best Bond film ever. I mean, disappearing cars! The bit when it looks just like the Goldeneye computer game! Halle Berry (round of applause from the audience)! And the kite-boarding over the cliff to escape from a tidal wave bit takes so much piss, loved it, loved it, loved it.

And now it's Monday...
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