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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Hello! C'mon now I can't be the only one here with too much time on my hands and too much bullshit in my head! Fear not ye all shall be spared for a few days while I am away at GLASTONBURY hahahahahahaha yes it's that time again druids and druidettes, woowoowoowoowoowoowoowoowoo

a few brief details like for instance which bands do you intend to go and see pete?

well i'm glad you asked, there aren't a huge number of people i want to see but still probably more than i'll get the chance to. priorities are: the flaming lips, the streets, radiohead (i guess, altho they do clash with super furries, so it's a tough call, but i haf only seen radiohead once compared to sfa 7 plus the new radiohead is do you know what actually pretty fucking cool! so i guess that's that. plus i'm bound to see sfa later in the year when they tour and i definitely will *not* go to see the 'head anywhere else. so there.), um who else, i guess love, 80s matchbox perhaps, calexico perhaps, de la soul perhaps, beth gibbons perhaps, DEFINITELY EROL ALKAN AND SOULWAX actually that's a priority. (oh yeah maybe yo la tengo - ha, tangent ------->

i finally got and then nothing turned itself inside-out the other day and yes it's pretty good, it does sound like the cover looks! starts off great, first half v.good, then there's a couple of pretty unbearable twee things in the middle where it's hard to resist the urge to shout 'yes but SO FUCKING WHAT YOU AND YR GIRLFRIEND MAKE EACH OTHER SAD SOMETIMES GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!' i mean please why do they think anyone cares? honestly. mainly i think i like yo la tengo when the drums are given more space in the mix and the regrettable indie-schmindie WAKE UP IT"S NOT 1986 vocals take a back seat because when they bother the drums are really pretty excelltn (NOTE TO SELF it's about time i wrote something about why drums are the best instrument, well my favourite anyway, ah, drums, friend, mother, secret lover) still i'd see them live again cos i'm curious to know if, now i know some songs a bit better, they seem better or worse, you see?

A.N.Other tangent: WIRE!!!!!!!
ok Pink Flag i admire as a concept and a statement but let's be honest i'm not that hooked on so many of the songs yet, i'm sure i will be given time but it's a slow process, definitely form over content at this point (NO BAD THING OF COURSE), but on the other hand, the bought-only-two-days-ago Chairs Missing OHMYGOD where has this been all my life. Shit. 'Practice Makes Perfect.' 'French Film Blurred.' 'Sand In My Joints.' 'Mercy.' 'I Am The Fly.' 'Heartbeat.' 'From The Nursery.' but especially ohsweetjesus especially these two: 'A Question Of Degree' (actually a bonus track on the re-release, it was a non-album single eventually, i mean, a single?! 1978 takes the piss!) is so deeply wonderful i know i haven't even heard everything in it yet, the bit that stuck indelibly to my mind last nite was when totally without warning the little skitter-skatter hi-hat comes in like it's a fucking techno record or something!. anyway, that's a very good song. BUT ABOVE ALL PLEASE I BESEECH YOU DO IT NOW DO IT FOR YOUR SOUL download/buy/copy/steal 'Outdoor Miner.' straight into the (at the moment very short) list of 100% perfect songs i am compiling in my head. please, please hear this, this song is too much to bear it's so beautiful. and it's only 1.45 long! when the fade-out starts after about 90 seconds something just gives way inside me it's too much, somehow i think something is being communicated: having a pop song so pretty and so delicate leave so quickly feels like a young life snuffed out, you know, or a wonderful relationship ending before it's had a chance, i don't know, you have to hear it and see if you know what i mean.


on this re-released version of the album they also include the extended version of the song! joy of joys. this is the same song, so, of course, it's perfect, but because it's a minute or so longer it's inevitably less perfect. HOWEVER this is forgivable because they use the extra minute to include the weirdest, spookiest dying-fairground, end-of-the-collapsing-pier piano sound ever, it trips along quietly in the background of the verse then GETS ITS OWN LITTLE BREAK in place of a middle 8 because a song this perfectly formed doesn't need a middle 8 or none of that shit of course! Wire i love you and i will happily ignore your probably embarrassing lyrics for a long time yet as long as i can just think about music as lovely as this.

ah well never mind i will let you know all about it when i get back, no doubt there'll be a coupla weeks worth of blog-shit to come out of the weekend! wish me luck and fair weather and merry japes all of that... 
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