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Monday, June 23, 2003

i apologise. you don't have to read it you know! (are you reading it?)

1 - please someone remind me of the (for our purposes, not etymological) origin of the phrase 'weekend warriors.' i know i heard it somewhere and it was funny, and it's in my head, but i can't for the life of me remember the incident! one of you must know. who said it to me?

2 - this wednesday pm on bbc1 mr alan yentob will be presenting a documentary about hip hop! apparently he's going to be talking to (among, Others), eminem, chuck d, jay-z, nas, ice-t, ms.dynamite (?!), the roots, and common. i will bite my tongue and not pre-empt his findings, who knows, he might come up with something sensible and realistic (note: the only possible conclusion mr.yentob could reach which would NOT be totally ridiculous, unbelievable, platitudinous, meaningless, insulting and all of that, would be 'i don't understand and i don't hope too. it's too confusing. oh well. it's not for me to understand. still, it's pretty interesting, i'll be interested to see what happens.' if he DOES say this then more power to him and lots of respect, yes yes, fair play, maybe that's what he will end up with. but inevitably the reactionary in me fears and expects, (especially looking at that list of contributors, which charts such a corny timeworn liberally-accepted trajectory of 'bad boy gangsters' to 'nice politically sensitive people') that it will be the same old 'oh dear this rap music's a bit nasty isn't it, they don't like women and gay people very much, ah, but it's ok, some of them are quite nice, and don't shout quite so much, and even say positive things in their songs!' bullshit that comes out *every single time.* sigh. i'm not really that worked up, just was talking about this over the weekend so it's in my head. (the fog is in my head?).

to summarize (and y'all know when i say that it means, hold on, hear comes at least one more paragraph of incoherence!) what i'm getting at is, i have never seen the mainstream british (er, white) media be anything other than a ludicrously blunt and insensitive tool when it comes to discussing hip hop. so little can be achieved in an hour long tv programme, or a 2000 word article, that i kind of think it would be better to just say (if you have to say anything), 'we don't have enough time/space to get into these issues really.' but of course no-one can say that. and of course no issue is ever really properly taken up by tv, really, or newspapers, much, so why does it bother me with hip hop when it blatantly doesn't bother me that much with anything else? i dunno, i just guess the ignorance is so shameless: the attempts to engage and understand are so feeble. come on alan yentob, surprise us, please! 
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